Good Weather Made J/24 Midwinters Successful

At Eau Gallie Yacht Club the championship J/24 Midwinter started.

The weather conditions were all good on the day, there was all clear blue skies and breeze running between 10-15 knots. All good weather conditions favored the participants. Sailing Team, Carter White Sea remained in the top position. Total 31 participated in the championship.

Mike Ingham’s Tarheel secured the second position by winning two races and making overall score of 21. The third position was secured by the Welles’ Bogus; he has been just two notches back from Tarheel.

Ingham started the day witnessing his first victory. He beat Travis Odenbach’s Honey Badger, Jesus Lizard and Daniel Borrer’s. Odenbach was the one who won the second race, in this race Ingham and Welles were on top. In the third race, White and Todd Fedyszyn used the spoony Tactics were Welles was the one who crossed the finish line.

Speaking about the experience of racing in the championship, Ingham said,” The match was really exciting, what made it more awesome is the good weather condition. The breeze was about 10-15 knots and it was all clear sky. The good wind and clear sky gave a fair chance to all the participants to show their skill of racing.”

The match was interesting as the fleet of 31 players showed their best performance here. The match was good spectators as well, because, all the races were designed to give best moments to the spectators.

“All the participants in the championship were good and it was amazing experience to sail in this tournament. The organizers of the J/24 Midwinter tournament made a great arrangement for the match. They arranged the things in a way that everyone in the tournament has a good time. And good weather added the charm in the tournament.”