Olympic sailing to be awesome in spite of pollution

Great Britains 2 time Olympic champ Sarah Webb Gosling, who is now on the World Sailing council as the representative of the athletes, does not refuse the bacteria and viruses that are present at the Olympic 2016s sailing venue. It poses a danger in Rio’s sewage- invaded waters.

She really believes that the Olympic glory makes this type of risk worthwhile. Earlier this week, she told that winning a gold would make up for anything and the water condition is not really that relevant. There are plenty and plenty of reports out there about athletes who their whole life is about winning medals, and anything that happens on the way is kind of irrelevant.

The pollution levels in Rios waterways were exposed by The Associated Press this year following a test. Gosling added that pollution is a problem, the objects in the water are really an issue, but they, as athletes, do feel that World Sailing as well as the IOC is doing everything possible within the constraints of it being in Brazil.

For sailing to be in the center of Olympics right there, for athletes to be able to stay in the village, to be able to go to the opening and closing ceremony. This is a huge deal. All the athletes obviously want it to be safe and clean. Still, just to be there and be part of the Rio Olympics is awesome.

The organizers are doing everything they can to deal with these problems.