Battle For Top Sailing Workplace

Norfolk Workplaces is all set to battle it out on 17th June to get the crown of Top Sailing Workplace of the county.

A regatta with 16 teams in and around Norfolk will be seen at the Norfolk’s Broads Yacht Club. The teams are all set to compete with each other to achieve the title. The teams are all geared up to get into the battle and fight it out.

The team started its preparation for this regatta 6 weeks back and there were teams of 3 from every organization. The training started at Willingham adventure in Snettisham Beach Sailing Club in Norwich near King’s Lynn. The regatta will have a few relay races before the grand finale. In the final round, the winner of the competition will be announced. The teams are happy and looking forward to win the match.

One of the team members who take part in the event last year expressed his views on the regatta. As per him the competition was perfect for teamwork and bonding.

It builds the confidence of team members and it’s always good to explore new things. It is also a great way to relieve stress and all in all a great experience that can be cherished forever. The team members highly recommended this race. There is a whole lot of excitement and high spirits among the teams that have made this race quite an interesting one to watch.

Another team member said that it was a great challenge that allows people to explore their new skills. Also, there is a constant desire to keep going with the same enthusiasm and capacity. There is a great chance to meet people from different places and learn something new. It is indeed an encouraging race and all members from 6 teams are excited and anticipating victory.