Spotlight On Japan

Ainslie’s team has been aiming at the America’s Cup World Series whose final lap has started this weekend in Japan.

Many fans are speculating whether this team will be able to maintain their record performance that they showcased at the previous rounds. Sir Ben Ainslie is leading the Land Rover BAR team. This team is representing Britain after a long time in this tournament and many luminous followers of this team are hoping that they will make it this time.

This competition has comprised of nine events and is a World Series whose final lap is now taking place in Japan. The positions of the teams as they start off the races from today show that Sir Ben Ainslie’s team is on top of the leader board as they are about 14 points before the other team of Oracle USA who are the defending champions of this competition. The qualification process for this competition is definitely a long one, but the end of the competition is finally in sight.

About six teams are competing in the races and the points that they gather here will get added to what they have gained in the Bermuda series that will take place in May and June 2017. The final round highlights are scheduled to be shown on the BBC Sports website as well as on the app or the channel on TV. The spotlight for the event will not only be on the leading teams, but also for Softbank team Japan who would be challenging the event for the first time in 15 years. It also marks the opportunity that America’s Cup brings to Asia as well as to Japan when it comes to competitive racing. Hence, it is definitely worth sitting back and waiting for the event highlights to start filtering in. Fans will surely want to know how the event progresses from this weekend to the subsequent ones.