Trimaran Introduces New Age Sailing

Check out the ultimate Trimaran that brings in all probabilities of bringing about a new era of speed in sailing. This is a current class or a hybrid of the catamaran that offers vessels that are bigger and more complex in handling. However, a new breed of sailors is emerging who can handle these adequately to be able to win races and set incredible parameters for wins.

Most people would have heard about the introduction of catamaran racing that was allowed in the Olympics this year. Indeed, speed racing on the waters gives a different definition by these high speed vessels on water. Vendee Globe and Francois Gabart have been achieved in handling a Trimaran at the age of 29.

They have graduated to Ultime category with their sponsor MACIF, and often charter a Yacht in Split to practice. This class of boat has a multihull of giant proportions. It is built for the specific purpose of racing long distances in water and in a single handed manner. Last fall saw Gabart win with the double handed vessel Transat. He even won the Transat Bakerly in a single handed way when he sailed across the Atlantic from England to New York.

This occurred in May of this year. MACIF was an event held for eight days and eight hours along with 54 minutes and culminating in an additional 39 seconds. The race record that was set in this category was 25 minutes less than this target achieved. The previous record was set by none other than Michel Desjoyeaux who has been a Vendee Globe winner two times and mentor for Gabart.

Between the times that Desjoyeaux sailed and Gabart did this year, the passage of Desjoyeaux had been shorter, which he covered at a speed of 16.41 knots. The total distance covered by Gabart was longer and he covered the same at an average speed of 23.11 knots.