Final Of Women’s International

The women’s international match racing series organized by Women’s International Match Racing Association will conclude on 29 October. The event will conclude with semifinal and final round.

The event started today with eight participating teams, half of which were backed with kit from Yacht Rental Croatian. First round was the quarterfinal round that happened today amid cold, rainy, not very windy weather. Yet the race was full of adventure and fun.

In the quarterfinal round four that advanced to the next round are Claire Leroy (FRA), Lucy Macgregor (GBR), Anna Östling (SWE) and Katie Spithill (AUS). These four are heading for semifinal round tomorrow that will be followed by final round same day.

All four teams are happy with their performances and are excited for semi-final and final event. Amid the event, players shocked the audience and judges not just with their outstanding skills and tactics but with their winning strategy too. For instance, Claire Leroy surprised most of the people watching event by choosing Pauline Courtois as her competitor in the quarterfinal round. Everyone was expecting she will pick Caroline Sylvan.

The winners of quarterfinal round said, “We are extremely happy that we won quarterfinal round and making way to final. We will play really great game in final event”

The result of quarterfinal round is here.

Quarterfinal results

  • Claire Leroy, France – Pauline Courtois, France, 2 – 0.
  • Lucy Macgregor, United Kingdom – Caroline Sylvan, Sweden, 2 – 1.
  • Trine Palludan, DEN – Katie Spithill, Australia, 2 – 3.
  • Anna Östling, Sweden – Stephanie Roble, United State of America, 3 – 1.

The event is jointly hosted by (WIMRA) Women’s International Match Racing Association accompanied by World Match Racing sailors leading women. The event is the only and first professional sailing series for Women involved in sailing sport. In this race identical boats are used and race is executed in a short period of time. This makes the race spectacular.